Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Path Science Follows

Despite media hype, Johanson's most recent discovery is actually the most discrediting evidence to date for Lucy as mankind's precursor. Not only does it confirm that she had a very ape-like skull with a cranial capacity only one third that of modern man, it also reveals that Lucy's species failed to exhibit evolutionary change! Johanson's radiometric dating indicates that the species had only 3 million years to evolve [into man], yet he determined a period of at least 1 million years during which no [evolutionary] change occurred! Johanson’s all too casual response "This raises many new questions….”

Hopefully, as they prepare for the coming year, teachers will not be intimidated by curriculum constraints, but will research the "evidence" in their texts regarding evolution. How appropriate to encourage students to scrutinize evolutionist dogma, challenging them to critique its compliance with scientific method. But most important, remind them that the path science takes in converging to the truth is as much a function of the personalities involved as the reality revealed.

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